Top Account Planning/Strategy Blogs - 2015

01(=). adliterate
01(=). Only Dead Fish
01(=). Russell Davies
04.      Make Marketing History
05.      Jim Carroll's Blog
06(=). Aaker On Brands
06(=). canalside view
06(=). Never Get Out Of The Boat
06(=). Northern Planner
06(=). Postcards from a Planner
06(=). Tom Goodwin (on Medium)
12(=). CultureBy - Grant McCracken
12(=). talent imitates, genius steals
12(=). Think Bubbles
15(=). Jokull | Helgo Tennø
15(=). Marketing Science

Notes on the rankings:
1. Every calendar month over the last year (and more) I have shortlisted and featured 10 standout pieces from the blogging output by (and also for) planners/strategists. For the above ranking, I added up the number of pieces from each blog featured in the whole of 2015 - the more posts featured, the higher the blog is ranked.
2. The blogs shortlisted in the ranking above are a subset of all the blogs whose posts have featured in Top Blogging..., which also includes posts from creatives, technologists, group blogs, etc.
3. For the purposes of this ranking, I have defined a planning/strategy blog as a single-author self-published blog run by an account planner/strategist. This definition also encompasses alumni planners and marketing thinkers whose output continues to be of relevance to those within the discipline.
4. Blogs with a shared ranking(denoted with =) have been listed alphabetically.
5. If you have read or write something that merits inclusion in the upcoming editions of Top Blogging...,  ping me via twitter or e-mail.

6. Check out the 2014 rankings.


richard h said...

Chuffed to be equal number one with Neil and even more chuffed to have named my blog adliterate nd so appear first.

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