WPP Atticus Award Winners 2005

2005 Grand Prix Winner
2005 Relationship Marketing Category Winner
2005 Public Relations and Public Affairs Category Winner
2005 Media Category Joint Winners
  • 'Changing the Internet Audience Measurement Standard'
    by Peter Callius with Anders Lithner and Stefan Svanfeldt, SiFo Research International, Stockholm
  • 'Where Next for PVRs?'
    by David Fletcher, Mediaedge:cia, London
  • 'Jerry's Jam'
    by Aruna Natarajan, MindShare, Shanghai
2005 Strategy Category Winner
  • 'Sponsorship's Holy Grail'
    by Raymond Bednar, PRISM Dearborn
2005 Market Research Category Joint Winners
  • 'Making the Product the Hero'
    by Greet Sterenberg with Malcolm Baker, Research International Rotterdam, Research International London
  • 'Accidents Waiting to Happen'
    by Gordon Pincott, Millward Brown, Warwick
2005 Internet Communications Category Winner
  • 'A Hallyu Story'
    by Bharadwaj Ramesh, GroupM, Shanghai
2005 Corporate Category Winner
  • 'The Redport'
    by Gloria Gibbons, Ogilvy Healthworld London
2005 Under-30 Essay Winner
  • 'A Short History of Blogging, 2000-2020'
    by Elizabeth Nolan, Brand Buzz, New York


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