Top Account Planning/Strategy Blogs - 2014

01. Northern Planner
02. Aaker on Brands
03. Never Get Out Of The Boat
04. Adliterate
05. canalside view
06. Postcards from a planner
07. Smithery
08. Influx Insights
09. CultureBy
10. Russell Davies
11. Only Dead Fish
12. Think bubbles
13. Tom De Bruyne on Medium
14. Constant Beta
15. Marketing Science
16. Make Marketing History
17. 180/360/720
18. Patterns & Perspective
19. Planning in High Heels

Notes on how the rankings were arrived at:
1. Every calendar month over the last year (and more) I have shortlisted and featured 10 standout pieces from the blogging output by (and also for) planners/strategists. For the above ranking, I added up the number of pieces from each blog featured in the whole of 2014 - the more posts featured, the higher the blog is ranked.
2. The blogs shortlisted in the ranking above are a subset of all the blogs whose posts have featured in Top Blogging..., which also includes posts from creatives, technologists, group blogs, etc.
3. For the purposes of this ranking, I have defined a planning/strategy blog as a single-author self-published blog run by an account planner/strategist. This definition also encompasses alumni planners and marketing thinkers whose output continues to be of relevance to those within the discipline.
4. For blogs with the same score (equal no. of posts featured in 2014), I have applied a tie-breaker giving precedence to recency of the last featured post.
5. If you have read or write something that merits inclusion in the upcoming editions of Top Blogging...,  ping me via twitter or e-mail.


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