[Video] Russell Davies on 'What is a Planner and what does Planning mean?'

Planning etc from russelldavies on Vimeo.

Approximate timecodes for the rest of the Q&A:
01:31 What are the most important skills for a planner to have?
02:47 What's the single most important thing a planner needs to get right when developing a strategy?
04:00 Is research friend or foe? How and when can it help, or hinder?
07:07 What role should planning play in carving out the future of the advertising industry?
08:49 How can we, as planners, effect real change to our clients' business?
10:39 What skills does a planner need to work constructively with creatives and account managers within the agency?
13:35 What's the greatest lesson you have learned in your career?
14:13 What's the most difficult brief you've ever been given?
16:27 What's the campaign you take the most pride in - and why?
18:00 Where is planning heading from here?
19:14 The greatest lesson you've learned in your career (attempt 2)?
20:08 It strikes me that lots of the young students watching this interview are going to be terrified at your vision of the future of advertising and planning - it's possibly not what their lecturers have been teaching them is likely to happen - so do you have any practical reassuring tips for those young people as they venture out into the world to start their career?


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