[PDF] Behavior Change Strategy Cards

Title: Behavior Change Strategy Cards

Author: Artefact Group

Abstract: "This set of 23 cards was crafted to help designers, researchers, and anyone facing a behavior change challenge, think through strategies to nudge people toward positive behavioral outcomes.  They work particularly well when you have in mind a specific behavior that you want to change (e.g., “We want to get more people to ride the bus,” or, “We want people to stop smoking”). We focused on making these strategies easy to grasp, incorporate, and act on.

The set is divided into five thematic sections, each featuring strategies and examples that will help you understand why the strategies are effective, and prompt you to think through how they might be used.

Make it personal: The persuasive power of “me” and “my” (cards 1– 6)
Tip the scales: How perceptions of losses and gains influence our choices (cards 7– 13)
Craft the journey: Why the entire experience matters (cards 14 – 17)
Set up the options: Setting the stage for the desired decision (cards 18 – 21)
Keep it simple: Avoiding undesirable outcomes (cards 22 – 23)" Read More

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