Plannersphere Top 20 - October 2011

The top 20 blogs in the plannersphere as of 10th October 2011 are:
01. The Curious Brain
02. We Are Social
03. BBH Labs
04. What Consumes Me
05. advertising lab
06. russell davies
07. adliterate
08. Noah Brier dot Com
09. Influxinsight
10. Only Dead Fish
11. Nick Burcher
12. Talent imitates, genius steals
13. Servant of Chaos
14. The Hidden Persuader
15. Trendsspotting
16. brand new
17. Brand Noise
18. How soon is now?
19. Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
20. The Ad Pit

a. The top 20 blog list winnows out the planning/strategy blogs from the AdAge Power 150 list - and represents a snapshot of their relative positions during the course of their constant Brownian flux on the AdAge list.b. The plannersphere universe considered in compiling the above charts is this master list (curated by me.)
c. To figure in the top 20 blog chart, a blog should feature both in the AdAge Power 150 (information on submitting it is available on the same page) AND in this master plannersphere list. Do leave a comment below to ensure the latter if you have been recently enlisted on the AdAge Power 150.
d. In addition, to feature in the top 20 blog chart a blog also needs to have been active - with at least one entry - over the last 1 month.
e. If there are any omissions, do let me know; I shall include them henceforth.
f. You can view rankings from previous months at Plannersphere Top 20.


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