Contribute a Guest Post to Planning Tools & Hacks

Have a cool Planning Tool or Hack that you want share in a guest post here? I'd love to have you post it here and link it in the column on the right.

Do note: if you have already written the post on your blog or elsewhere, you won't have to re-post here. I'm glad to provide a link directly to your blog post.

What are the guidelines for the guest post?
  • It should be ideally be about off-beat or non-obvious tools that account planners can use as a part of their trade.
  • The tools in question should be openly available - and not be proprietary.
  • The review of the tool or hack should be a positive one. No, I'm not asking you to mould your opinion to a positive one - just that we'd like not to dwell on tools that don't work here.
  • Ideally the post will also contain directions/examples on how to use the tool, if that's not already obvious. (See the middle column marked 'Planning Tools & Hacks' for examples.)
  • To appear on this blog, your guest post should be original and you agree not to post it anywhere else. (Do note, if posted elsewhere I can straightaway provide a link in the right column.)
  • The guest post will of course be preceded by a short bio where you are free to link to your blog, twitter, social network page, etc.
To discuss your planning tool/hack or to send across your finished post (or a link to a post on your blog) just e-mail me at this address.


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