Plannersphere Top 20 - Aug '08

Here's a monthly feature I have been planning to introduce for some time now - tracking the top 20 planning blogs as of the beginning of each month.

This month's Plannersphere Billboard Chart looks like this:

01. Only Dead Fish
02. russell davies
03. [ paul isakson ]
04. Influxinsights
05. Talent imitates, genius steals
06. adliterate
07. Noah Brier dot Com
08. Fallon Planning
09. Get Shouty
10. From The Head Of Zeus Jones
11. No Man's Blog
12. brand dna
13. chroma
14. HolyCow
15. Right-Half Chow
16. Organic Frog
17. beeker ideas
18. Make Marketing History
19. Herd - the hidden truth about who we are
20. Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. 

Caveats  & Footnotes:
a. What constitutes a planning blog is a slippery notion. For the purposes of the above chart, I have defined it as a blog about advertising, planning and/or communications written by a planner/strategist - with a stress on both conditions being met.
b. The above rankings have been arrived purely on basis of Technorati authority and rankings. There may be better ways of arriving at the ranking and I am open to suggestions/ideas - please comment below.
c. The plannersphere universe I have considered in arriving at the above chart is based on this master list which itself was/is derived from the Plannersphere wiki.
d. There may be omissions not just in the above chart but in my master list - please leave a comment below if you want a blog to be added/considered in the next edition.


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