[Report] State of the American Consumer

Title: State of the American Consumer: Insights for Business Leaders

Abstract: The State of the American Consumer: Insights for Business Leaders report highlights findings from Gallup’s ongoing study of the American consumer from 2008 through 2014. This report provides insights into what leaders can do to improve customer engagement and organizational performance. It examines how consumer spending, confidence, and expectations have shifted because of the economic downturn. And it provides information about how companies can more effectively measure and manage their own customer engagement in this new environment.

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WPP Atticus Award Winners 2013-14

Grand Prix
  • The Brand in the Boardroom: Making the Case for Investment in Brand
    (from the Branding and Identity category)
    Joanna Seddon - Ogilvy RED, New York


Highly Commended
  • Moore’s Law and the Erosion of Brand Loyalty
    Matthew Godfrey - Y&R, Singapore
  • Measuring Long-Term Ad Effects: A Meaningfully Different Approach
    Daren Poole - Millward Brown, Sydney
  • Dare to be Different
    Alex Hernandez-Brun with Dorothy Fitch - Millward Brown, Norwalk CT

Branding And Identity
  • The Brand in the Boardroom: Making the Case for Investment in Brand
    Joanna Seddon - Ogilvy RED, New York
  • The Brand: The Machine That Makes the Difference
    Andrew Curry and Andrew Stubbings - The Futures Company, London
  • Brazil Leads in BRIC’s Brands
    Jerry Clode - Added Value, Hampton Wick

Consumer Insights

  • The Waning Hold of Consumer Control. The Pivot to Passive. And the Burgeoning Opportunities for Breakout Marketing Innovation
    J. Walker Smith - The Futures Company, London
Highly Commended
  • The 95%. Thinking About How the Rest of the World Thinks
    Ben Sadler and Jeffrey Foster - Wunderman, Seattle
  • Reframing Brand Value in the New Marketplace
    Jeffrey L. Bowman and David Burgos - Ogilvy & Mather, New York; Millward Brown, Lisle
  • Raging Against the Machine
    Marian Berelowitz - JWT, New York

Digital Communications

Highly Commended

  • Sign of the Times – The Changing Face of Digital Editorial
    Paul Witherden - VML, London
  • This Year, Next Year, Interaction 2014
    Rob Norman - GroupM, New York

Media and Communications Planning

  • The Digital Kool-Aid Acid Test
    Norm Johnston - Mindshare, London
Highly Commended
  • Why Real-Time is Not the Be All and End All
    Caspar Schlickum - Xaxis, London
  • On the Path to Enlightenment
    Bernd Hoffmann, Sven Wollner and Matthias Hoppner - MediaCom, Dusseldorf
  • I Know What You Will Do Next Summer
    Team Insights - Maxus Global, Mumbai
  • Digital & Media Predictions 2014
    Duncan Southgate, Jorge Bueso, Monique Leech, Connor O’Mahony, Anne Czernek, Rob Valsler, Jarrod Payne, Adriana Sousa, Bill Pink, Rakesh Kumar, Peking Tan, Catie Williams and James Galpin - Millward Brown, Frankfurt, San Pedro Sula, Rivonia, Boston, New York, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Beijing and Shanghai

Public Relations and Public Affairs

  • Brain. Behavior. Story. Why Public Relations Needs to Return to its Scientific Roots
    Christopher Graves - Ogilvy Public Relations, Washington DC
  • Authentic Brands: From Transparency to Full Disclosure
    Louise Fernley with Geoff Beattie - Cohn & Wolfe, London
  • New Moment Magazine – The Art of Storytelling
    Svetlana Ćopić, Slaviša Savić and Žarko Sakan - New Moment New Idea Company Y&R, Belgrade

Research In Practice
Highly Commended
  • Who Said Research is Boring?
    Sandeep Dutta - TNS, Gurgaon
  • The Athena Doctrine
    John Gerzema - BAV Consulting, New York
  • Honesty Detection in Online Surveys
    Mitchell Eggers with Eli Drake and Chris Stevens - Lightspeed Research, Bellevue and London; GMI Inc, Bellevue


  • Confessions of an Adaptive Marketer
    Norm Johnston - Mindshare, London
Highly Commended
  • Hungry for Familiar Foods: Packaging Local Food Ideas Offers MNCs in India the Opportunity to Unlock New Sources of Revenue and Reach New Audiences
    Sonya Misquitta with Dheeraj Sinha - Grey Worldwide, Mumbai
  • New Tier, or New Category?
    Shekhar Deshpande and Kyle Lusk - JWT London, Atlanta
  • A Better Blend of Business? How Impact Investing is Revolutionising the Corporate Landscape
    Joseph E. Morgan - Wunderman, London


  • The Future of Content
    Mindshare, London
Highly Commended
  • Your Health, Yourself
    Ogilvy CommonHealth, London

Under-30 Essay

"The time when it was possible to be universally well-informed is past. The ideal of an ‘all-round’ education is out of date; it has been destroyed the progress of knowledge."

Bertrand Russell, Sceptical Essays 1928. Knowledge has progressed still further since 1928; and so has technology. Was Russell right then; and is he now?

Joint Winners
  • Georgia Lindsay 
    JWT, Singapore
  • Hannah Foltz 
    Landor Associates, San Francisco
Highly Commended
  • Miriam Raisner
    JWT, New York
  • Marissa Winkler
    Landor Associates, San Francisco
  • Ruth Horazeck
    The Futures Company, Chapel Hill

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