[Chart] The relation between Correlation, Causation and Implication

Correlation Causation Implication Chart Relation


[Behavioural Economics] O Behave! Issue 5

Solving a problem

Solving a problem simply means representing it so as to make the solution transparent. - Herbert Simon

Datastream #10

1. About 8 per cent of all Google queries are name searches.

2. In 1900, about 28 percent of the 4,000 plus cars produced in America ran on electricity.

3. Britain produces 700 regional cheeses, more even than France.

4. Product warranties generate over $16 billion annually for American retailers.

5. There’s a 5.6% clickrate on porn spam.

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12 Fundamental Emotional Needs and Archetype Personalities

12 fundamental emotional needs fulfillment model

12 archetype personalities mapped to 12 fundamental emotional needs