Brand Planning Workshop - Standard Agenda

agenda template brand planning workshop

The Future of Retail 2015

[Chart] Demand and Technological Uncertainty by Industry

demand technological uncertainty by industry matrix ranking

[Planning Salon] Pedro Garcia on 'Creating Brand Actions for Moche'

[notes] from the internet #2

"Anything that can be connected to the Internet, will be.”
Wroblewski’s Theorem

“a modern myth—everyone has read it, even if they have not done so personally.”
Ship Write by Geoff Dyer

“Distance is not dead; but it is measured in time not space.”
Data centres: Not a cloud in sight

“think about the future the way gamblers do: “as speckles of probability”.”
The art of prediction: Looking ahead

“If incompetence is the disease of the novice, overconfidence is the disease of the expert.”
Wide-ranging Interview with Malcolm Gladwell

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