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[Paper] Using the Snowball Method in Marketing Research on Hidden Populations

Title:  Using the Snowball Method in Marketing Research on Hidden Populations

Authors: Mirela-Cristina Voicu & Alina-Mihaela Babonea

Abstract: Following the classical sampling theory, the researcher selects samples of people, businesses or others, in order to obtain the desired information. Drawing the samples is usually done by randomly selecting from a list representing the target population. In practice, this list is often not available. There are cases in which the population of interest is not fully known, not well defined and fully listed, and creating a sampling frame is difficult or impossible for the researcher.The solution to this situation comes from the snowball sampling method, the best way we can study hidden populations in marketing research. In this paper we are approaching the snowball method as a mean of accessing vulnerable and more impenetrable social groupings revealing the latest advances of this technique.

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[PDF] A New Brand of Marketing

Title: A NEW BRAND OF MARKETING: The 7 Meta-Trends of Modern Marketing as a Technology-Powered Discipline

Author: Scott Brinkner

Abstract: This 40-page book "frames the epic collaboration underway between marketers and technologists, set against the backdrop of two seismic shifts in marketing today:

First, how marketing is taking over the business. We can debate functions and org charts. But in a hyper-connected digital world, everything that a business does — the entire customer experience that it delivers, from the very first touchpoint onward — is now the scope of marketing.
Second, how technology is taking over marketingMarketing has more software entwined in its mission today than any other profession in the history of computing. Leveraging these capabilities requires new approaches to marketing strategy and management — as well as new kinds of talents within the marketing team, such as marketing technologists." [Read More]

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